Hosting Overview

windows web hosting plans give you the ability to utilize many forms of dynamic content and specialized databases. Major points regarding Windows hosting include:

  • Windows 2000 is a commercial product with more support options than Unix.
  • Enables web site owners to use advanced features without much experience.
  • Windows 2000 servers provide extensive database integration and functionality.
  • Fully-supports FrontPage, Active Server Pages (ASP), VBScript, JAVA the ASP.NET
  • Support for Perl, PHP, CGI, MS Access databases, Macromedia's Cold Fusion.
  • Database Support for Microsoft SQL Server MySQL & MS Access & Excel.

For many E-Commerce website owners, the database functionality and support for dynamic scripting languages makes Windows a superior over Unix.

Integral Features Available With Windows Web Hosting

If you're new to Window web hosting, you might be unfamiliar with some of the integral features that you will have available to you. Here is a list of the major components that set Windows 2000 apart from Unix:

  • Active Server Pages Hosting: ASP is a server-side coding technology for building dynamic websites. Active Server Pages are HTML web pages with embedded ASP scripts which are processed on the Windows web server before the page is sent to the user. You can recognize Active Server Pages by the .asp filename extension. For example, asp web hosting.
  • Microsoft SQL Server Hosting: This is an industrial strength, relational database management system (RDMS) designed to house large amounts of data while providing high performance access to it using the industry Standard Query Language (SQL). Microsoft SQL Server provides an excellent environment for site owners to organize, capture, store, and deliver critical information on their websites. Many E-commerce web sites often will use Microsoft SQL Server as their “backend database” to store information concerning products, web-based orders and client data.
  • Cold Fusion Hosting: Developed by Macromedia, Cold Fusion is an web application development tool for creating dynamic Windows 2000 web applications which integrate with key Windows server technologies, such as relational databases and SMTP email. Cold Fusion webpages are processed server-side in a manner similar to ASP and PHP. You can recognize Cold Fusion pages by the .cfm filename extension. For example,
  • ASP.NET Hosting: ASP.NET is a revolutionary programming framework that enables the rapid development of powerful web site applications and services. Part of the emerging Microsoft .NET Hosting Platform, it provides the easiest and most scalable way to build, deploy and run distributed web applications that can target any browser or device.
  • Microsoft Access Databases: Access is a database management system that provides a means of storing and managing data or information. Microsoft refers to Access as a relational database product since it allows you to relate data from several different sets or tables. Access databases are only available with Windows 2000 Hosting as an alternative to MySQL databases or the Microsoft SQL Server.
  • Front Page Web Hosting: The FrontPage hosting extensions are a collection of software modules loaded on a Windows 2000 web server that enable a FrontPage web site to use the advanced functions of FrontPage. If you want to use FrontPage publishing and website management tools, have the ability to manage web and subweb permissions, publish only changed pages, or use any of the FrontPage bots, you need a host with FrontPage extensions installed. Basically, this all means that a hosting account with FrontPage extensions allow you to completely manage your web site directly from the FrontPage software.

Our Plans includes support for all the popular scripting languages like PHP, Perl and database like MySQL. A complete list of all the features can be viewed here.

We are confident that you'd like to stay with us for the years to come and again our shared hosting plans are backed up by 30 days money back guarantee.

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